jaarverslag 2015 / beleidsplan SSI 2016 – 2020.

Yearly report 2015 Stichting Sandhi Institute db79 foto 5 day training youth 5-2015

Jaarverslag 2015 SSI
(Een Nederlandse samenvatting is hieronder toegevoegd.)

In 2014 we collected by crowdfunding via Indiegogo € 7182,58 for an NVC training, that was planned for 2014, but conducted in May 2015 by the Sandhi Institute in Sri Lanka.

So we started in January 2015 with € 7.483,53 on our bank account.
In May we donated € 7.182,58 to the Sandhi Institute for their training.

The training was for a 5 day residential training for a group of youth from the former war zone in Sri Lanka, with whom the Sandhi Institute has cooperated for several years. It was called: advanced training “Empathic Listening and Speaking from the heart” for young community-leaders. They are very keen to learn and spread the principles and skills of Nonviolent Communication (specifically empathic listening and healing/couseling) for their own benefit as well as to support others in their community who have experienced traumatic experiences and have no social system nor any infrastructure (living within a militarized zone) to help them.

We covered costs for food and lodging for everyone (participants and training team) and travel costs for the participants from their home areas and training related costs. There was a local stipend for the training team. (The trainers and assistants still needed to cover their own international travel costs).

There were two trainers, an assistant trainer, 2 translators plus a social media coordinator and there were 32 participants, (10 advanced and 22 beginners).

The participants were very enthusiastic and expressed how much they were learning and how this training and the community they are building is life- sustaining for them. They are eager for the next training which they envision to enlarge to government agents and others in their area who can help spread these skills to even larger circles. So we will be doing more fundraising to support their vision to increase their ability to build community, support each other and to meet their needs more effectively through the skills of Nonviolent Communication and dialogue (empathic listening and compassionate honesty).

One of the local training team members has continued to connect with the youth and is now (2016) offering ongoing trainings for youth and government agents in the former war zone.

8f photo of whole group and trainers May 2015
May 2015, participants and trainers of the advanced training “Empathic Listening and Speaking from the heart” for young community-leaders, living in the former warzone in Sri Lanka.

As the trainers were already traveling to the east of Sri Lanka for the youth training, they were requested to do 2 days of training to a Human Rights organization in Batticoloa, which they could do because they were in that neighourhood already.
We spent € 112,83 on travelcosts for lobbying for our goal. Mrs. Siva visited an IMO congress and gave a presentation about the work of the Sandhi institute.

Our organizational costs (only bankcosts) were € 192,83.

In 2015 we gathered another € 525,- from donations of individual sponsors, so we ended the year with € 532,64 on our bank account at December 31, 2015.

There are many requests for NVC trainings in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries and there is eagerness by the trainers to give those trainings.

The limiting factor is the financial resources. Hence we are continually looking for ways to increase the donations to the Stichting Sandhi Institute.

Nederlandse samenvatting:

In 2014 hadden we door crowdfunding via Indiegogo € 7182,58 verworven voor een training Geweldloze Communicatie, die het Sandhi Institute al in 2014 wilde geven, maar die pas in mei 2015 gerealiseerd kon worden in Sri Lanka.

We begonnen dus met een positief saldo van € 7.483,53 op onze bankrekening op 1 januari 2015. In mei schonken we € 7.182,58 aan het Sandhi Institute, waardoor zij hun 5 daagse residentiële training aan jonge mensen in voormalig oorlogsgebied konden verwezenlijken. Een tiental van hen had al eerder zo’n training gevolgd en wilde vervolgtraining voor henzelf en voor nieuwe deelnemers uit hun omgeving.

Door onze bijdrage konden de reis-en verblijfkosten van deelnemers, trainers en vertalers bekostigd worden. En er kon wat trainingsmateriaal worden gekocht en het rainingsteam kreeg een locaal honorarium uitbetaald. (De buitenlandse trainers betaalden zelf hun vliegtickets!)

(Meer info daarover vindt u in het Engels hierboven of kunt u aanvragen via:


Onze Stichting Sandhi Insitute betaalde in 2015 € 112,83 voor reiskosten om te lobbyen voor ons doel. Mevrouw Siva bezocht een IMO-congres en gaf een presentatie over het werk van het Sandhi instituut in Sri Lanka.
Onze organisatorische kosten (alleen bankkosten) waren € 192,83.

In 2015 verwierven we nog eens € 525, – aan schenkingen van individuele sponsoren, zodat we het jaar afsloten met een saldo van € 532,64 op onze rekening op 31 december 2015.

Er komen bij mevr. Siva veel aanvragen binnen voor trainingen in Compassionate/ Non Violent Communication in Sri Lanka en andere Aziatische landen. En er is enthousiasme bij de trainers om die trainingen te geven.

De beperkende factor is het beschikbare geld. Daarom zijn we continu op zoek naar manieren om fondsen te werven voor de Stichting Sandhi Institute.
Beleidsplan 2016-2020.   Stichting Sandhi Institute Policy Plan for 2016 – 2020

Our mission: To support healing, reconciliation and peaceful co-existence of the various ethnic
and religious communities in Sri Lanka (and other Asian countries). Focus is primarily on
grassroots leaders and populations who are excluded from access to resources and participation
in the political and economic system.

Description of Goal:

The foundation aims to raise funds for the “Sandhi Institute” in Sri Lanka. The Institute is engaged
in spreading nonviolent communication in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.

The foundation will distribute the funds to the Sandhi Institute in Sri Lanka and / or to individuals
or organizations which provide training, products or services which support or enable the work of
the Sandhi Institute.

The Foundation’s goal is not to earn a commercial profit and the Foundation is totally independent
in presenting itself.

About the Sandhi Institute: The Sandhi Institute is a not for profit organization in Colombo,
Sri Lanka.
The goal of the Institute is to teach Nonviolent Communication and related practices
among all communities in Sri Lanka and other Asian Countries specifically through training,
organizing seminars, facilitating meetings, offering mediation sessions and professional coaching.
In the trainings Compassionate Communication mostly goes along with other mindfulness
practices and teachings which include systems theory and other holistic approaches to personal, interpersonal and systemic change.

The founder and chair of the Sandhi Institute is Jeyanthy Siva, an experienced NVC trainer.
She does training and coaching and facilitation work in USA, Europe and Asia.
Together with different trainers and co-workers she organizes and trains people from all the
different ethnic and religious communities in Sri Lanka in Nonviolent Communication.
All the members of the Institute do their work mostly on a voluntary basis with very little means, because the majority of the participants are grass-root people, who live in challenging situations
and who have little money to spend.

As a child Jeyanthy has witnessed the beginning of civil war in her country.
When she was 12, her family fled to the USA, where she studied Psychology/Philosophy/Sociology and other social science subjects as well as Nonviolent Communication. In the late 1990s, she co-founded the Diversity project with BayNVC and was part of the emerging thriving community of
NVC trainers and practitioners in San Francisoco bay area.

In 2002 she went back to her motherland in order to contribute to healing, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence of all the different communities which have been embroiled in decades long
war in Sri Lanka. Step by step she gained interest and trust from people who wanted to learn Nonviolent Communication. She started with people in her community and expanded her network
to the other ethnic communities through patience and dedication of many years.
Along with trainings, she gave empathy-sessions and coaching to leaders, from health care professionals (doctors, psychiatrists & therapists), teachers, university students, lecturers, staff of organizations, multi-religious clergy, journalists & others.
Although the main focus of the work is in Sri Lanka, periodically, the Sandhi Institute is invited to similar trainings in other Asian countries (e.g., East Timor, Thailand, India, Singapore).

The Foundation for Sandhi Institute (Stichting Sandhi Institute) is set up in 2009 to enable
people to donate money so they can support the work of Jeyanthy and her team in Sri Lanka
and other Asian countries.

How do we raise money for the Sandhi Institute?

  • We organize e-mail campagnes to inform potential supporters about
    projects of the Sandhi Institute and to solicit support,
  • We meet individuals (donors, potential donors, in field of training and organizational consulting as well as people in the NVC community) to build a network of supporters.
  • We make PR materials (flyers, articles etc.) to present at events and conferences.
  • We attend related conferences/meetings and give presentations about the work of the Sandhi Institute.
  • We have set up a bank account to gather the raised money and when the Sandhi Institute requires it, we send money to them or to people who work for them.
  • In doing so we want to live principles of inclusive decision making and use NVC as well as a sociocratic way of decision making.Meer informatie over de Stichting Sandhi Institute op: www.kennisbankfilantropie.nl