Stichting Sandhi Institute Yearly report 2017

Stichting Sandhi Institute (NL) Yearly report 2017.

In 2017 most of the costs for the activities of the Sandhi Institute projects were supported partly by fees and did not require our direct support. We are happy to have some money available for the future projects of the Sandhi Institute in Asia, especially because they prefer to work with grassroots people, who would not be able to follow NVC trainings otherwise. And there are plans to report (in image and sound) about the content of the Peacebuilding work of the Sandhi institute in the coming years. We have spent € 665,- on filming some trainings of the Sandhi Institute in 2017. But we need more to be able to produce a full documentary.
So any form of support in this is very welcome!

Financially we started 01-01-2017 with € 865,24 and ended the year with € 5129,41.

In 2017, we received donations of € 5125,-. There were regular bank costs (total amount: € 132,93) and € 62,90 travel costs (for giving a presentation in Groningen). Most of the funds donated to the foundation are being destined (and kept) for future projects with youth in Sri Lanka and a capacity building program in Nepal.

Two times during this year we had our regular board meeting by Skype. Ruud Baanders, our secretary, left us after more than 3,5 years due to other obligations and priorities. We are very grateful for his contribution during these years. We did not count our costs for incidental follow-up meetings between chairwoman and treasurer.

In the fall of 2017, Jeyanthy Siva gave a presentation at the Center for Religion, Conflict and Public Domain at Groningen University, as part of a conference panel on the theme of “Reimagining difference. Being, thinking and practicing beyond essentialism’. The interest of the conference organizers was due to the work of the Sandhi Team supporting dialog amongst multi religious clergy in conflict zones in Sri Lanka as well as the work in multi religious/multi ethnic post conflict zones in Nepal and Thailand. From the connections made at this conference, there is an invitation to do some other presentations with academics and coordinators and volunteers at refugee organizations in the Netherlands in 2018.

Further activities of the Sandhi institute in 2017:

Sandhi Institute work in Asia included couple of trips to Thailand (trainings for International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB), International Women for Peace (IWP) and Nepal (Development and Peacebuilding groups). The travel and costs of these trainings were funded by the inviting groups.

This year (2018) we have two new board members joining us (Annie Scarborough (as secretary) from UK and Violaine Pinta from the Netherlands). We held a meeting with each of the members to inform them about the foundation and to answer questions and are planning a full board meeting with all the members in the next few months.

Jeyanthy Siva (chairwoman/voorzitter, and Antoinette Wibbelink (treasurer/penningmeester, tel.: +31 (0)6-51932265 )

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